I am a fully qualified sports massage therapist with a holistic approach. I am also registered with the Complementary Therapist Association.
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Hi my name is Jed. Here are a few words about myself:

I am a qualified sports and holistic therapist and in addition to which I am registered with the Complimentary therapist association as a massage therapist.

I have been involved in sport from the age of 5. Initially I started my sports journey as a skier and through the subsequent years I have trained and practiced a wide variety of disciplines. I have a passion for health, fitness and well-being and I have, over the years participated in a variety of sports including long distance running (marathons), martial arts (kyokushin karate, BJJ, MMA), boxing, rugby and sailing. Decades of training  in a wide cross section of sports has enabled me to gain an in depth  knowledge and understanding of the biomechanics of the body, of  form, function and the stresses the human body can undergo, from both an academic and a ‘hands on’ perspective .

My work with sports men including KIRK MILLER fitness and cover model  #1 in The U.K.  , RICHARD GOZDECK I  WNBF pro world champion, MAX OCONNOR Nabba Pro AM Winner, MATTY EVANS 2xBritish Vale tudo champion, CHRIS KANNE, BARRINGTON PETTERSON world IKF Kickboxing Champion and ALEX BARDACHOU  (my training partner ) British Champion 80kg among many others ,has provided me with  thousands of hours of hands on experience of dealing with the human body through my massage and sports  therapies. This has enabled me to create at my own healing and injury prevention programmes and one off treatments. That will benefit anyone interested in a healthy and holistic life style.