I am a fully qualified sports massage therapist with a holistic approach. I am also registered with the Complementary Therapist Association.
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Kelly Fellowshorizontal-line

alexI first started attending treatment with Jed in my last resort to help with my continued pain from an old injury which no other physio seemed to be able to help with and for help with my regular migraine attacks that were increasing and become a problem with my work load. They would knock me off my feet for some days so when jed told me he could provide me with a treatment programme to help stop these migraines I was very skeptical.

I have suffered with migraines since the age of 9yrs old so i didnt think at all he could help. We completed a block booking of close treatment's which involved work to my back and neck area and to my astonishment my migraine attacks stopped, i felt alot less stressed and now i rarely get even a niggly head ache let alone a migraine, i can not thank Jed enough for his help, im pain-killer free these days which saves me £££ and I continue monthly treatments to help maintain a migraine free life! Thank you for all your help!

Co-owner at yourbbeautiful & Director of KelsForeverC


Narinder Gillhorizontal-line

alexI have no Hesitation in Recommending Jed because he has great insight and knowledge in the Techniques of massage. I have regular massages because it promotes a positive Attitude which in turn gives me the confidence to Perform at my best.

Narinder Gill Client Director at Vodafone UK



Alex Bardachouhorizontal-line

alexDear Sir/Madame,

I would like to enthusiastically recommend Jed Kempa, as a strong and gifted person.I have known him, for four and a half years, as my personal phisiotherapist and training partner.

As it is well-said that, "phisiotherapist are born, not made" , which classically defines him as a professional, with a knack of in-borne Managerial and leadership skills, in whatsoever faculty & profile he works. I found Jed to be confident, sincere and expressive with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.He is a person with a broad-spectrum and multifaceted personality,who is gifted with outstanding extracurricular approach.

These are skills that cannot be taught and are the principal reasons for Jed's success to-date.

I have only touched upon the most important abilities of this highly qualified and motivated individual. With this letter, I strongly recommend him and assure that he will be an asset to your institution.

I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Alex Bardachou(British Bodybuilding Champion)

Matty Evanshorizontal-line

mattyJed is a great man and a great physio, Jed has helped me to get back to training and work with his great treatment, Jed has great energy and is a positive influence, he has a good attitude to his work and to life, Thankyou Jed.

Regards Matty Evans

4th Dan B.C.A 1st Dan Karate
1st Dan Combat Jiu-Jitsu
Free-Style and Greco-Roman wrestling coach
2 x British Vale Tudo Champio

Max O’Connorhorizontal-line

Last year was my 3rd year of competitive bodybuilding and my most successful so far I gained a full sponsorship from my sponsors USN won my regional qualifying show and also qualified for the NABBA Mr Universe.

I have to put my body through an intense and heavy training plan in the lead up to my competitions.

This type of training takes its toll on the body and I was often having injuries that would slow my progress and hinder my gains.

Thanks to the help from Jed Kempa my injuries disappeared and i was able to continue with my heavy training routine right up to the competitions. I saw Jed once or twice a week and he used different massage techniques on me to help relive muscle tension that was causing me pain and discomfort. I also found that his therapy increased the blood flow around my tired muscles and speeded up their recovery time allowing me to get back in the gym quicker.

I can thank Jed enough for his help and part of my success is due to his 'magic healing hands'. I would recommend his services to anybody looking for a professional, friendly and very qualified therapist.

Max O'Connor USN Athlete and 2011 NABBA Pro-Am Champion.


Richard Gozdeckihorizontal-line

richI used Jed on numerous occasions leading up to competitions. He has a very professional approach and used some great techniques to meet my demands. Due to the success we had in our goal to increase circulation and reduce water retention, I would always return to Jed and highly recommend his services. Jed is very knowledgeable and experienced and has a relaxed temperament, which makes working with him a pleasure.

Thank you Jed.

Richard Gozdecki - 2012 WNBF World Champion






Lisa Jane Albrightonhorizontal-line

I have visited Jed a number of times and have always found him to be warm, friendly and the consummate professional! His knowledge and skill helped me to overcome an injury sufficiently to continue training for a competition and my muscles always feel relaxed no matter how tense and painful they were before treatment. I recommend Jed and his 'magic hands' to anyone that needs a good therapist!





Cheryl Devonish(Olympic Champion sister)horizontal-line

cherylJed Kempa has an Akeley of outstanding achievements’, his expertise in the field of Sports based chiropractic and Sports massage has established a repute that celebrities and Sportsmen and women find exceptionally rewarding to their Sporting careers after recovering from injury and receiving treatment from what they call "Jed's Magic Hands".

As A Sports Professional myself Jed had rehabilitated my Sports injury of tendinitis of the knees in just five sessions. I was astonished by his ability to perform precise, professional and perfect practice in this field. I would recommend Jed to anyone with an injury or anything the like. I can now take my retirement shoes of the hanger and enjoy the Sport of Athletics again.



Anthony Somers-Writer, self-defence instructor.horizontal-line

richI had an injury and visited Jed Kempa. He was very professional, made me feel at ease and really helped me to recover from my injury. He is a nice guy who gives his clients a great service /span>

5th Dan British Combat Association
1st Dan Shotokan Karate
1st Dan Combat Ju-jitsu (Dave Turton)
Free Style Wrestling coach
Trained in Western Boxing (Glenn Smith)
Trained in Thai Boxing (Bob Spour).


Emma Wallace, Commercial/Fitness Modelhorizontal-line

emmaI have used Jed on several occasions, for sports therapy on injured muscles and also for general massage for a release in stress build up. I have only ever had pleasant experiences with Jed and am always happy with his results. He is professional at all times and knows his field! I strongly recommend Jed Kempa.

Atlas PT Hardinghorizontal-line

I was referred to Jed by a friend in January this year after getting an injury in my quad which stopped me from training. After my first session I could already feel the benefit and was walking normally again. Then after 3 weeks started training which I really needed as I had a bodybuilding comp coming up not long after. My leg has been recovering well and after my comp i can stop training my legs and get the full benefits. Also during the last few months he's also been treating my back which I have always had problems with and since then my problems hav lessoned and I can actually put real effort into my back training now which really shows in my physique. I highly recommend Jed for his sports massage and injury therapy treatments, in fact I have already sent a few of my personal training clients his way and they have been very happy with his treatments too. Lee Harding.

Nabba mr England 2012 and top 3 Mr universe.